The Virtual Office
Meet The Team

Lorraine Hales

Designer/Developer & Project Manager

Lorraine Hales has many years of experience in a wide variety of backgrounds. Her work with Clients in PR, Advertising, Event Management, Production, Artists, Musicians and her adaptability to each clients needs is what makes The Virtual Office stand out from the rest. Her personal attention to detail leaves no room for errors and repeat business and referrals from happy clients is what Lorraine strives for with each project that is completed.

Sean McCarthy

Social Media Promotional Engineer

Sean joined us this year as a part time member and despite this serious photo his wit and humour makes for an interesting work environment. Sean hopes to pursue a career in Journalism and his writing capabilities allows him to draft sample texts for clients to use in their website if they so wish.
He has a unique talent for wording that makes Social Media promotion work and gather the desired attention and interests that is required to make Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds a success.

Killian Hales

Sales & Client Promotion

Killian Hales is a second year College student and works part Time with the Virtual office in the area of sales and advertisng.
He has the ability to charm and enthuse those around him and is
confident in his abilities. His natural talent for sales is evident in selling and attracting clients to The Virtual Office.
Killian has worked part time for the Virtual Office since he was just 15 representing clients at Business Networking Events and promoting their business websites and wares at tradeshows and events.